Mon, Sep. 7th, 2015 03:45 pm
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Good intentions & Plans for Organising One's Life(tm) are tricksy things...!

Anyway, to update quickly on how that's going.  I'm trying to be positive at least about the fact that I actually went for a run today which I hadn't since, like, before I left for Edinburgh.  And if I didn't go more than 3-some k (not sure, but I'm pretty sure there's 2k marker I use that I hadn't passed, unless it's been rubbed out, so that would have been the 4) and even *gasp* walked for a bit in the middle, that's okay because I'm getting back into it and I do know from experience I can get much better if I keep it up.  Also made some headway on the piano Plan and as I said before enjoying the violin greatly.  Sent some emails but unfortunately they were replied to quickly and I now have MORE emails.

Finally got around to planning for the lesson I'm teaching later which... again is good, but of course it took up a lot more time than would be ideal.  Sooooo, since being in Bristol I haven't really touched any real music Work beyond writing up the notes I got at my last supervision last term. 

Have to meet up with about three sets of people this week, not all of whom are being communicative, and that's going to mess up my Plan!  *grumbly noises*

Also going to have a really good go at organising food better again, and cooking at least half the time so we can have leftovers.  So, this week we had tomato & butterbean soup yesterday (SOUP SEASON! hallelujah!), and we're going to have cannelloni tomorrow or the next day, aaaand I've lost my bit of paper that said what we are having Thursday.

Aaand Xana and I are watching Steven Universe again.  We're somewhere near the end of the first season I think.  I really like it -- remember watching the very first episode (or 2?) and being like "....this is kind of cute but WHAT is it it's also kind of awkward??" but now it's gotten really good.  I think Lion is my favourite ^^  Also it's doing this thing not so much as "light plot now and then" as "MASSIVE HUGE AND EPIC PLOT now and then".  I just really like when cartoons spend about 30 seconds on Serious/Emotional Issues and it's very lovely or intense -- as opposed to a live action show with 50 minutes to fill spending like half that time making the same point.  or FairyTail, to be fair ;; Much as I love all the Power of Friendship stuff, it takes hours to get anywhere with that show!

Singing lesson and choir later ... not really in the mood (I'm in charge ^^) but as ever I know I'm quite often like that and it's fine or even really exciting in the event.

A Place of Greater Safety is being adapted on the radio!  I'm ....... actually not sure what I think of it so far -- would be interested to see if anyone who hasn't read the book is following!  They seem to have aged-up (mentally & socially anyway?) Lucile quite a bit and made Annette less alluring and more ineffective and flapping by comparison, but maybe I'm remembering the book wrong.  Frequent R4 problem that a lot of the guys sound reeeally similar ahhh I could not tell which was Camille for too long ;;

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