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Fri, Nov. 20th, 2015 10:06 am
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Actually got up early (for me!) and went for a run!  Winner!

Alas there are a lot of issues on the concert-organising front (like our second pianist dropping out...) so I'll need to spend some time emailing round and I don't know what.

But I also want to make sure to really get a lot of music done today, so:
  • finish sketching out Brooding oboe movement?
  • actually reopen the strings thing and take a look...
  • should actually practise at least on instrument as I Planned to every day and haven't properly in weeks.
Also, this is rather a long shot, but does anything poetical, or historical with a good (and out-of-copyright) written record that could be, um, sung, spring to mind when you think of Dorset, England??  Haha.  There's a choir competition ('inspired by the people, heritage or landscape of Dorset') and I do want to write something bigger for choir anyway.  I was thinking of Mary Anning the fossil collector, but I can't find much in the way of actual texts.  I mean I'd like the idea of doing something kind of... collage-y, with letters/accounts but still, I need something for a start.  And I think Thomas Hardy and William Barnes may have been done quite a lot...  HMM.

I now have a google doc from the Meeting Notes template that is outlining the chronology of the war which is the background and increasingly the foreground to the fic of how-on-earth-do-I-write-this.  And getting on towards 10 000 words of scribbly notes!?  I need to go back and focus on the start of it, see if it even is remotely the same fic.  And figure what on earth style it should be.  I think I have a sort of ending now, though!  


Sun, Nov. 15th, 2015 05:07 pm
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Welllll, except for the part where I got up at, um, around 11 this morning and kept falling asleep at the piano, today has had several good points.

I really like the new manuscript paper!  and am using it.  (There's nothing particularly strange or exciting about it!  Although, actually, I was surprised by how far apart the staves were and how they're slightly narrower, but actually this seems better.  So, maybe will adapt the spacing for the next round of hetalia manuscript paper if I make it...)

Going to see if I can type up this one part of oboe & piano piece before improv tonight.

I made myself the most epic of grilled cheese for lunch, and caramel hot chocolate.

things to do

Wed, Sep. 9th, 2015 08:52 pm
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Made cannelloni yesterday!! OM NOM NOM.  Very nice and not difficult or even that time-consuming; don't know why I've put this off years since the last time I cooked it.....

also tidied up more - my parents are bringing a record cabinet/bookshelf from their clearout which will be nice and I've made space - we really have too much stuff though!  Also I guess I am still totally procrastinating, ugh.

played violin and oboe today -- speaking of: Vivaldi, lol, this is supposed to be an oboe piece right? not a violin with a nice rocking-bow flddling technique? do you MIND?  Eh, it's fun!  I shall get there!  This piece.  I've just barely started.

Some problems/lots-to-organise things around and abouts...
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Sun, Sep. 6th, 2015 07:11 pm
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Trying to Organize My Life(tm) once more, and one thing I have done is make a plan of piano pieces to aim for ... Not sure on the time frame. But having particular pieces like pupils would for exams or concerts... Plus I just, uh, want to be really good at piano XD

It's uh. Quite ambitious though, they mostly came from the abrsm diploma list (...just... in case? or, nah, just because this is a good list of repertoire at a level I theoretically have been able to aim for for the last 10 years or so since grade 8!)
also, obviously, going to keep going with, like, all the Chopin, maybe some Bartok and maaaybe a couple of Messaien's Vingt Regards sur L'Enfant Jesus as I do have the music...

There were such a lot of violinists in various things in Edinburgh as well so I'm mad keen to get on that and been playing quite a lot in the few days since I've been back. I have a book of how-to flddling style now! Yes I probably should get some personal advice and make sure I'm moving right, I wonder if I'm doing something I shouldn't with my shoulder. But I think I'm sounding a lot better!

Also the corresponding oboe list which I admit I haven't started playing yet though I have printed stuff out.........
  • Vivaldi: Concerto in A minor, RV 461 
  • Nielsen: 2 Fantasiestucke, Op.2
     (some of) 6 Metamorphoses after Ovid for solo oboe, Op.49
Oboe is funny because there's so little repertoire -- half of the diploma list is familiar and a bunch of it was on grade 8 or even 7 lists....  So I might also dig out the Poulenc and Saint-Saens Sonatas I've already played at least some of.  And the rest of the Schumann Romances.  But I think I should start some completely new pieces too.

tick tick tick

Fri, Mar. 6th, 2015 01:14 pm
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I've done so many organise-y and e-mail-y things and booked a bunch of trains, phew.  I mean it only took me like a day and a half...  Still!  Kinda all done and now I have the afternoon clear for actually pushing on with this piece.  Which I'm feeling better about, having done nearly half of it (I think?) but we'll see what happens when I actually look at it for the first time in a couple days.  Still very cold-y, blehhh.

Yesterday we had our occasional postgrad composer's informal meetup and sat around talking about things for a couple hours in the end.  Trying to get down what it is I feel about all this!  I feel like... I don't really especially relate to any of their music or ways of thinking about things, but it's interesting to talk.  When we're just talking about it all I feel like I'm okay and at their level -- I still the rest of the time worry that everyone thinks my music is just facile and silly... well, that wouldn't matter, because I'm getting more sure again that I like what I'm doing...  if only (the other worry) I could be sure that I'm not in fact doing nowhere near enough work or directed work or things that aren't appropriate for a PhD etcetera, etcetera.

Talked to my supervisor the day before that and when I said vaguely that I was thinking about piano pieces after this but that I basically don't know how to write long pieces for piano, he said, Well you don't have to -- and you don't tend to write long pieces at all, do you?  Which...  It's the same again, it's a nice liberating thought but not completely.  I definitely do like short things.  Definitely.  That's a large part of what I do.  I do also like (other people's) longer pieces.  But really, only sometimes!  Not actually all that often!  Quite often I'm just, No now I'm bored do something else.  Short attention span.  Sooo...  Well, the other thing was the comparison: it's like some people paint watercolours and some people do big sculptures, and that's how it is.... of course, ideally maybe one is able to do both...

I can't help feeling there is a tiny bit of a slur implied in 'watercolourist'............

Also some of this connects up in my head with "being a female composer".  Not in terms of actually how I compose, at all; that's what no one at the meeting understood when I brought it up.  But you can't not think about reception, even if I think about it less than them, maybe (they said they couldn't imagine writing pieces just "for the drawer" and I do like just writing pieces and it's a valuable finished thing even if it doesn't get performed).  And I know it shouldn't be a thing Nowadays that people think about.  But.  I'm sorry but I think people reading about a female composer writing small and delicate piano pieces vs a male one..... (Well, such as Knussen!  And people I think make a thing of that, Oh look at this big bumbling guy with a big beardy face and pleasant manner writing these tiny frosty gems...  We can't get away from the connection between the writer and the work, and I don't really think I'd want to -- certainly with dead and gone composers I like finding out about their lives and getting to know and like them, it helps!)  Anyway, I'm not sure what I think about that, if anything.

Haha!  I have written down some of my Thoughts.  Good.

The other thing is I'm really liking Poulenc's Sept Chansons, speaking as we were of tiny perfectly formed things.  And I'm thinking about doing more SATB settings ......... maaaaybe of other bits of prose from The Man Who Was Thursday, if I can find other bits that work.

Setting poems!  The options are old out-of-copyright, and much it really SOUNDS old, which is not always what I want (not all!), or as I'm discovering, applying for permissions etcetera and yeah I'm going to avoid famous 20th C poets in future, much as I may love them.  But there might be something in this setting of non-poems, or playing about with texts.  Or even writing something argh.

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Tue, Feb. 3rd, 2015 02:27 pm
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I really wish I hadn't stayed up til 4am yesterday sort-of-working on a proposal for a thing... (I was working on it but I should have been all done by, like, 1.)  Hm, I hope I get it - I have no idea what proposal for a composition is supposed to be like, really; having talked to people it seems like programme notes only more so, and they're not my favourite either.  I had a real long lie-in this morning though so hopefully I can pretend none of it happened and have no excuse for falling asleep this afternoon.

So..... this has been looming for a while: I have a meeting with my supervisor Friday and not a proper plan of what I'm going to talk about with him -- still sort of intend to write two whole new things in the next couple days.  But!  Have a (I think?) really workable idea for one of them.  So.  Going to go into department before seminar and try to bash out a bunch of it in the piano room, assuming I don't fall asleep. Coffee flask.  Mmkay.  

I also 'redid' my website, which is to say basically took it all down and stuck up a "come back soon anyway here's soundcloud" notice.  Listened to a bunch of old things in the progress and again lamented my (not-so)-recent crisis of confidence about everything...  Actually, I think I can recognize that I'm always feeling this mix/alternation of "hey that's awesome" and "i'm a complete failure"..  But also I think there is something that I used to be more just 'go for it' in my attitude and I need to feel able to do that, not just when I'm running out of time!

speaking of music and that, I wrote a passacaglia week and a bit ago.

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