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Sun, Nov. 22nd, 2015 10:14 pm
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Good things: Haircut!  Parents + brother visiting!  (and installing a new kitchen cupboard, yay~)  Screencaps from the Grunwald episode AHHhh.  (this makes me want to do some sort of lietpol things, but, like, in an undefined way.)

Other things: errghhh there are a bunch of non-uni-work busy things I need to do, some of which kinda snuck up.  Concert series stuff (a lot of it), two choirs' worth of Christmas build-up and first-year assessments in a couple weeks, and all this kinda expands to take up All The Time...  What I really need to get on with, of course, is finishing a decent bit of music and seeing my supervisor (annoying circumstances happened and he had to cancel, but that was nearly month ago; emails back and forth and then he was still busy with stuff and never replied and then I sort of let it drop which I shouldn't, but now of course I feel like I need to have a lot more to present. Aaand I keep getting distracted/finding stuff isn't as quick to write as I want when I do get on to it.  The usual.)

I've been bitten by the Hamilton musical bug, did I say?  Majorly going round in my head!!  Wasn't sure about it at first and now I'm listening to Aaron Burr, Sir / My Shot multiple times on repeat before moving on. 

Fandom list??

Sun, Jan. 6th, 2013 11:31 am
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I was just trying to make a list of interests / fandoms on my profile. And failing. I've decided what I actually need here is a categorized, alphabetical long list, ala like what people used to do on ff.net. So here it is. Probably not done.

"fandoms" or rather.. Or, Things I'm Really Interested In, because maybe "fandoms" suggests I actually DO something related to them on a regular basis. Whereas really I don't write a great deal (at all) at the moment, but the point is I'M VERY HAPPY TO FANGIRL ANY OF THIS STUFF, AT ANY TIME.

...but to keep it not including like EVERYTHING I'VE EVER READ, there's plenty of stuff not on this list that I do like a lot, just don't consider it on an every day/fannish basis.


Books & plays

Sherlock Holmes (also the Bert Coules radio series and Further Adventures, also The Great Mouse Detective. yes. Haven't really watched the Jeremy Brett ones. BBC Sherlock I like so far though I'm kinda behind!! I've only watched a couple episodes of Elementary but I was surprised by how I liked that one.)

Harry Potter

Robert Louis Stevenson: Kidnapped (also the radio version x100000) and Catriona, Treasure Island (not so much the radio version or any version, though the movie with Christian Bale is pretty good. And the Old Vic theatre production I saw in 2010 was AWESOME but you guys won't be able to see that, so...) I have an unhealthy fascination with spin-offs/sequels/published fanfic but actually the one I like best/at all so far is Jim Hawkins and The Curse of Treasure Island (I kid you not, that's the title, and it's pretty good fic).

Lloyd Alexander: Westmark, Prydain, the Vesper Holly series

Shakespeare: especially Othello and Twelfth Night
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (also like Arcadia and The Invention of Love!)

Les Miserables (hush, I've totally read ~most~ of it.)

CS Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia, Space Trilogy, Till We Have Faces

Dorothy L Sayers: Lord Peter Wimsey books (ALSO her splendid Jesus fanfic, The Man Born To Be King. Put this on the radio again please, BBC!)

The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton.

Agatha Christie

Tamora Pierce...? like the 80s-2000s stuff I have actually read. This was the fandom I made my first website of :)

The Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit (the movies too, although it is lovely always to see arts that feature other interpretations of characters! And I'm still a little aggrieved about Faramir.) (So I might as well add, BBC dramatisations too, very much so!) (Even the 60s Hobbit ^^)


CATS - to the nth degree, this was my fandom life for years, and I will get right back into it if you talk to me or watch it with me :))

Les Miserables

TV & radio

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Cabin Pressure


Hut 33

Sherlock - sort of, I'm kinda behind now!

Doctor Who - ditto, not really so heavily into it

Red Dwarf

Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse - but honestly only kinda-sorta, I don't think I could get heavily into understanding Plot and Lore and Stuff or ever write fic.

Cowboy Bebop - though I only occasionally dip into the fandom here. I do want to see massive Bebop/Firefly/Red Dwarf crossover though, cos it totally makes sense.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Basil The Great Mouse Detective


Final Fantasy V, VI, VII

Super Smash Brothers

Taskmaker (UH yeah, obscure. But I have a whole massive fic idea here, and it is terribly literary and angsty as is the game itself -- spoiler, you're working for the bad guy all along!!!1.

Warcraft III - just that one game, yep. Pretty much Thrall. and Jaina. And ridiculously cute ridiculously optimistic ThrallAndJaina, sure.

Anime and Manga


Fruits Basket - the reason I even have an anime and manga section on this list.

Also a little light Sailor Moon (bizarrely I have read the entire manga and seen none of the anime) and whatever else my housemate may get me into!


The French Revolution (IT IS TOTALLY A FANDOM shut up. Actually, since tumblr and stuff, I doubt anyone's even trying to argue that it's not. Actually, so much so and in such a way that I'm scared to be involved. I did start the Vieux Cordelier English translation project, though. And undertook myself absolutely no translation whatsoever! Leaving that to the French-speaking people!! And a bunch has been done.)

Currently re-researching 20th C mainly European history, especially East/Central Europe. Because.. yeah, okay, Hetalia.

Composers...? Mozart's letters are mad entertaining, as are Steven Isserlis' anecdote-y books, so this sounds like fun. Again, actually, getting more into 20th C, and especially the era of World War II.

Bible-fic...? If it's well done, I'm totally into this.

Not Exactly Necessarily History

Robin Hood

King Arthur

- without thaaaat much background on either, really. The thing I want there to be a whole fandom of is Alfred Noyes' Robin Hood/Sherwood play.

Real People
I thought I would never, ever go there, but ... well, given that I have actively sought out and read fanfiction, I can no longer pretend

Pro Tennis fandom! ..does this thing have a name? Uh. So, like, mostly Rafa Nadal. with mostly Roger Federer, I know...

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