Tue, Feb. 3rd, 2015

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Tue, Feb. 3rd, 2015 02:27 pm
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I really wish I hadn't stayed up til 4am yesterday sort-of-working on a proposal for a thing... (I was working on it but I should have been all done by, like, 1.)  Hm, I hope I get it - I have no idea what proposal for a composition is supposed to be like, really; having talked to people it seems like programme notes only more so, and they're not my favourite either.  I had a real long lie-in this morning though so hopefully I can pretend none of it happened and have no excuse for falling asleep this afternoon.

So..... this has been looming for a while: I have a meeting with my supervisor Friday and not a proper plan of what I'm going to talk about with him -- still sort of intend to write two whole new things in the next couple days.  But!  Have a (I think?) really workable idea for one of them.  So.  Going to go into department before seminar and try to bash out a bunch of it in the piano room, assuming I don't fall asleep. Coffee flask.  Mmkay.  

I also 'redid' my website, which is to say basically took it all down and stuck up a "come back soon anyway here's soundcloud" notice.  Listened to a bunch of old things in the progress and again lamented my (not-so)-recent crisis of confidence about everything...  Actually, I think I can recognize that I'm always feeling this mix/alternation of "hey that's awesome" and "i'm a complete failure"..  But also I think there is something that I used to be more just 'go for it' in my attitude and I need to feel able to do that, not just when I'm running out of time!

speaking of music and that, I wrote a passacaglia week and a bit ago.

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