Sun, Jan. 11th, 2015

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For the last few days, since being back in Bristol, I've been getting up early (for me) and going to this research students conference.  Aaand today is Sunday and I stayed in bed till 12. Never mind.  

The conference was kind of interesting!  I mean, the overall experience. The papers were a mix of really interesting to not that interesting. It was a real mix of topics, and I'm not a musicologist anyway so it was quite nice just to be able to listen to the things and Learn a few Things in the abstract without needing to. Also since my uni was hosting this year it was free and since it was free I didn't feel I had to attend every single thing I possibly could.

Some of my favourites were a paper on presentation of death in Nazi and Stalinist cinema in the 30s-40s (broadly: do not show it directly, and like jump cut away immediately to a montage of the glorious collective victory, spectacle music rather than identifier..); this composer Ambrogio Minoja who did very well out of all the rapidly switching regimes in Napoleonic era Milan (also I'm now kinda interested to look into there/republican cisalpina in general); and Atomic Bomb Music in Japan, and how, according to the speaker, it's been a little absent from scholarship when it actually has some different perspectives.

See?? Quite a variorum. ...although now I look at that list, they're all the kind of political ones.

Anyway. We also had a concert yesterday with Schola Cantorum (dept women's choir that sings basically medieval chant or very contemporary stuff!), singing for student compositions including mine. And it went really well :) like, not completely perfect and one moment was a little scary BUT I'm still really happy, to me it sounded the most convincing and expressive we've done it.  

...and the I went to hear a rehearsal for the sax and piano piece that's being played in a concert today and that pretty much killed my good mood dead.  It sounded really bitty and incoherent and I feel like the performers didn't really like the piece, and where I'd been pleased with what I'd written last term I was thinking ugh maybe it doesn't make sense, why'd I do that, etc etc.  However. I am holding on to the fact that it was a rehearsal, and the end of the session, and they were tired, and they will want the piece to sound good.  Also that I've had this same experience before, in September; went to hear the rehearsal, not great at all, wondered how I'd written such apparently difficult but also inane sounding music. Got really sad and stressed out and various things, started crying uncontrollably in the car with my parents who thought it was their fault for telling me to look p eople in the eye and not mumble... and then in the concert itself or was pretty much fine. 

So. I'm gonna go with that's what will happen tonight. Just waiting for my family to get here for lunch now, should be a nice afternoon.

This... makes our sound like I just have people perfo rming my pieces alllll the time...  yeah, no, this is an unusual weekend! I'd like to think that if that was the case I'd have gotten a bit more used to the experience...


Sun, Jan. 11th, 2015 10:01 pm
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Pfffft, am a silly billy, it went really well.  So I got a really clear hearing of how my piece sounded and it was very like I planned.  Thinking about it, I did try to fit an awful lot in my 7 minutes, maybe too much, but on the other hand, that was kind of the point. 

Course, this was not until after I'd had a mini meltdown about what on earth to wear because nothing looked right or felt right and what impression did I want to give and why did everything look like an office or otherwise bad etc etc etc....... so, uh, now gonna clean my room from all the clothes I threw around :)

Find of the concert for me I think was Gate by Graham Fitkin, which was v. exciting and energetic!

ETA: HAHAHA, writing entries on a kindle is hilarious.  "on the other java"! yes, that's an idiom.

hallo userpics.

Sun, Jan. 11th, 2015 10:19 pm
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 I've just remembered.

Icons.  You can have many icons on this thing.  


...all the ones I have I made in circa 2005...

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