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Trying to Organize My Life(tm) once more, and one thing I have done is make a plan of piano pieces to aim for ... Not sure on the time frame. But having particular pieces like pupils would for exams or concerts... Plus I just, uh, want to be really good at piano XD

It's uh. Quite ambitious though, they mostly came from the abrsm diploma list (...just... in case? or, nah, just because this is a good list of repertoire at a level I theoretically have been able to aim for for the last 10 years or so since grade 8!)
also, obviously, going to keep going with, like, all the Chopin, maybe some Bartok and maaaybe a couple of Messaien's Vingt Regards sur L'Enfant Jesus as I do have the music...

There were such a lot of violinists in various things in Edinburgh as well so I'm mad keen to get on that and been playing quite a lot in the few days since I've been back. I have a book of how-to flddling style now! Yes I probably should get some personal advice and make sure I'm moving right, I wonder if I'm doing something I shouldn't with my shoulder. But I think I'm sounding a lot better!

Also the corresponding oboe list which I admit I haven't started playing yet though I have printed stuff out.........
  • Vivaldi: Concerto in A minor, RV 461 
  • Nielsen: 2 Fantasiestucke, Op.2
     (some of) 6 Metamorphoses after Ovid for solo oboe, Op.49
Oboe is funny because there's so little repertoire -- half of the diploma list is familiar and a bunch of it was on grade 8 or even 7 lists....  So I might also dig out the Poulenc and Saint-Saens Sonatas I've already played at least some of.  And the rest of the Schumann Romances.  But I think I should start some completely new pieces too.
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