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Aaaand I now can't post this on tumblr because Xana's actually using her tumblr these days but I want to babble about this.

So we're on Book 4 and I think I'm down to my last spoiler, but it's a vERY BIG ONE..

Anyway.  I just gently steered the conversation around to matters of LOK shipping (from Zutara, which she was kinda interested in for some reason!)  I'm still pretending I don't know the whole korrasami thing.  And we got from:

"...maybe they'll bring the Mako/Korra thing back this season, but that seems a bit... meh..."


"I'm still rooting for Bolin and Asami to be honest... although, no, now there's Opal, so...  Or Bolin and Korra!" (Me: you just like Bolin, don't you?  me too.  but yeah, HMM, what about Korra...?)"


"Maybe they'll introduce a new character..." to "...UNLESS..." (me: *holds breath*)  ".....maybe the young king guy improves a lot or something? He was seeming to act a little more seriously..." (me: *as calmly as possible*  hmm, interesting....... I think that would take quite a while... and they haven't even met..."


"I don't know... I'm having trouble thinking of anyone she isn't like related to!"


(FINALLY) "Unless... unless it suddenly turns out she's a lesbian and... Asami...? that would be very progressive." (Me: *CALMLY* Hmmmm INTERESTING... well actually, it wouldn't be all that sudden, would it?  I think ever since the start of Book 3, there's been more interest between them than her and Mako..."


"....yeah the more I think about this, if it turns out they're bisexual" (thank you) "..the more I think about this the more I see it..." (Me: *CALMLY GENTLY SPECULATES LISTING VARIOUS THINGS including that bit in the letter writing when Xana actually said "I wonder why she can only talk to Asami about it")


"well, however it turns out, I think we should cosplay as Korra and Asami at the Expo sometime" (me: AWWW.)

....leave me alone I've very rarely been actually invested in a ship in something that's 1) going to have a canon and 2) still unfolding (...and 3) that I'm totally spoilered for for the ending, so this whole viewing experience has been interesting.)

I'm interested in the fandom history, actually!  I imagine a few people started shipping them just sort of because and out of a "they both unwisely went out with Mako and seriously this would be a better option" in Book 2 (and maybe Book 1, but that really would be a JUST BECAUSE ship, right?)..... And then the first episode of Book 3 happened and everyone went oOo can we be legitimately shipping this now?  Is that how it went? 
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